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Montessori School of Lemont
16427 135th St, Lemont, IL 60439

The Montessori School of Lemont provides parents with an alternative teaching method for their children's pre-schoolMore and elementary education. The school follows the teaching methods of Dr. Maria Montessori, who believed in a child-centered, mixed-age classroom where children learn through self-directed activity. Classrooms are designed to foster learning in the following subject areas: art, music, science, geography, mathematics, language, practical life (develops concentration, coordination and independence) and sensorial (children are trained to use their senses to explore the environment).

The Montessori School of Lemont offers two programs: primary and elementary. The primary program (pre-school and kindergarten) is for children ages 3 to 6. The elementary program is divided into Lower Elementary (1st to 4th grade) for children ages 6 to 9, and Upper Elementary (4th to 6th grade) for children ages 9 to 12. The school is also open to middle school children ages 12 to 14.

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