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Awl Deli
12257 Walker Rd, Lemont, IL 60439

There's no question that AWL Deli is a family business: "A" stands for Anna (daughter), "W" is for WalterMore (father) and "L" is for Lesnicki,  the family name. Matriarch Sophie makes the cookies and cakes, says daughter-in-law Beata Lesnicki. 

The deli has spread across two storefronts, one with frozen foods. At the entrance to the store, Beata stands in front of an eye-catching display of traditional Polish slippers and leather dancing shoes. 

AWL was the first Polish deli in Lemont, Beata says. The family opened the store in 1995 and they've lived in Lemont for 30 years.

Boxed prepared meals (one meat selection and two sides) and custom-made sandwiches are available as is a small seating section in the second half of the store.

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