Romney/Bain to Profit from Moving Sensata to China

This article describes how Mr. Romney is making personal profit from exporting American jobs.

In Freeport, IL, there is a company called Sensata Technologies. This company used to belong to Honeywell, but then Honeywell sold it to Bain Capital. As soon as Bain got the company, they sent people to the plant to tell the workers that the plant was closing, and all equipment as well as jobs were going to China.  urther, they were told they had to train the Chinese replacement workers and to not take any photos of equipment being moved out of the plant. Failure to do either of these things would result in instant termination and loss of severance pay.

Fifty-one percent of Sensata is owned by Mitt Romney, since he owns 51 percent of Bain Capital. Clearly this action reflects his business model: Buy a company and move it and the jobs to China. If Sensata had been losing money, this might have made sense, but in fact it was a profitable company already. The ONLY motive to moving the plant and laying off all of their American workers is greed.

Romney is constantly saying that he wants to get people back to work with good paying jobs here in America, but actions like this speak otherwise. He has NO apparent concern at all for the town of Freeport or the many workers at Sensata.  What he and Bain are concerned about is maximizing personal profit.  NO SURPRISE THERE! I would expect no less.

I don’t object to people making money, but this isn’t simply a case of making money; it’s a case of making MORE money at any cost, and in this case, the cost is the town of Freeport, the Sensata workers, and the workers' families.  So when I hear Romney shouting about how he is going to get America back back to work, I just ignore him. He cares about making money first, and America and its workers are way down his list of priorities. If you vote for Romney expecting him to do anything to help the middle class and American workers, you’re in for a rude awakening. It won’t happen. Just ask the workers at Sensata how Mr. Romney is helping them find the American Dream.

Chuck Teeter

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Walt Wingo October 25, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Andy from Bolingbrook It's crony not cronie - enough said!
Andy from Bolingbrook October 27, 2012 at 07:35 AM
Walt, That's what I get when I rush to post something without going back to check my spelling. Thanks for catching that. The point remains though; here we have someone who may have (knowingly or unknowingly) stretched the truth, or even outright lied in order to misrepresent and demonize Mitt Romney on the issue of outsourcing jobs to China. If you want to make that case, fine… just don't use blatant lies to try and make your point. This whole "Mitt Romney owns Sensata", and MItt Romney is laying off 170 American works bull is like some right-wing radical saying Barack Obama went to a Muslim school when he was young, therefore Barack Obama supports the radical Muslim extremists. For Chuck Teeter to throw this out there without any proof is not only pathetic, but is dishonest and undeserving of space. Furthermore, if his premise is shown to be false or inaccurate in any way, the Patch and Chuck should be held responsible for writing a retraction...and attempt to set the record straight.
russ harrison October 27, 2012 at 02:33 PM
I agree.There's no need to lie about Mitt Romney to cast him in an unfavorable light,he already does that himself.State of Mass won't endorse him despite his claims he accomplished so much there(he tried 800 vetoes,717 overturned by majority vote in BOTH parties, jobs increased AFTER he stated he would not seek another term)Bain's records under him show a 31% failure,companies they invested in went broke or out of business or Bain lost every penny they put in.His breach of an agreement with the FDIC involving Bain tells you he won't honor agreements he himself brokered.GOP leaders publicly stating they will NOT support a Romney Ryan ticket.Colin Powell endorsing Obama instead of his own parties candidate,Chicago Tribune endorsing a Democrat for President (only 2nd time in its history)Mitts refusal to pull his endorsement for Murdouck (rape is intended by God, guy)Let's not forget that the major Salt Lake City papers have all endorsed Obama and went so far as to state that Romney "has not demonstrated that he as earned a first term as President..." and then there's that tax thing. Received amnesty in 2009 after paying a substantial fine for committing fraud against the IRS in previous years according to McCaine and others that have actually seen his returns.Toss in the "Corporations are people my friends" and him swearing "6 independent studies support our plan"(4 were blogs/op-eds,2 said MAY work in a robust economy).The Syria/Iraq map hing.Mitt simply lies...blatantly.
Walt Wingo October 27, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Andy, Reread Chuck Teeter's post and show me where he lied in the post. His point is that Bain's business plan includes sending jobs overseas. That is a fact! Romney who was co-founder and CEO of Bain Capital, and still is a major stock holder, built that plan. Romney did exactly the same thing when he was CEO of Bain. That also is a fact! No where in the post does Mr. Teeter state that Romney is sending the Sensata jobs to China. As far as a retraction from Patch or Chuck if Chuck's "premise is shown to be false or inaccurate in anyway", remember this is a blog where writers give their opinion on subjects of interest to the community. You can disagree with Chuck's opinions in the post, that is your right. Just as it is Chuck's right to state his opinions.
Andy from Bolingbrook October 31, 2012 at 04:17 AM
"Fifty-one percent of Sensata is owned by Mitt Romney, since he owns 51 percent of Bain Capital." Walt, this is NOT a statement of “OPINION“. This is an OBJECTIVE statement; something that “should be” verifiable and supported by facts. It is THIS statement that is at the heart of Mr. Teeter’s piece. Much of the remainder of Chuck’s piece IS opinion. And as much as I disagree with his opinion, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That being said, when you base your opinion on a FALSE premise/statement, the opinion loses it's credibility. So, if this core statement is true, then I challenge you, or Chuck, or even The Patch to show us the PROOF. If you can prove this to be 100% true (using a credible source), then I will gladly apologize profusely. However, if Chuck has lied or misrepresented the truth, then I demand that Chuck and the Patch apologize and retract the inaccuracies.


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