Fraudulent Foreclosures in Illinois

Fraudulent foreclosures are still happening in Illinois

Illinois' anti-fraud foreclosure bill (HB5665) is stuck in the Illinois House and it looks as if it may not pass. There has been an amendment to the bill which basically guts the bill and makes it worthless to the people of Illinois. 

This bill without Amendment No. 2 saves Illinois taxpayers money and protects them against illegal and fraudulent foreclosures.  HB5665 is not a partisan bill and upholds the principles of both parties. 

How can it pass UNANIMOUSLY out of committee supported by both parties but when out of committee gets gutted and cannot get enough votes to pass and become law?  The only explanation we can think of is that banks want to be able to continue to defraud our courts, defraud our land record systems, defraud our people and abuse our tax dollars in order to make their pockets fatter.  UNBELIEVABLE!

NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban Branch’s Legal Redress Committee has reviewed many foreclosure files and we have NOT FOUND ONE SINGLE FORECLOSURE WHERE THE BANK'S DOCUMENTS DID NOT CONTAIN FORGED SIGNATURES OR OTHER FRAUD!  In fact, two of the largest foreclosure law firms in Illinois are signing documents on behalf of companies trying to transfer ownership of the notes and/or mortgages TO THEIR OWN CLIENTS then TURNING AROUND AND SUING THE COMPANY THEY SIGNED THE DOCUMENTS ON BEHALF OF IN THE FORECLOSURE.  Not only is this UNETHICAL it is ILLEGAL.  But, this is very commonplace in foreclosures and has gone on for years without any charges against them by ANY government organization.  This practice of systemic fraud will continue as long as HB5665 without Amendment No. 2 remains a bill and doesn't become law.

If you are tired of seeing “Too big to fail” banks win by fraudulently gaming the system contact your State Legislator today and demand that they make HB5665 law without Amendment No. 2.

Most of the IL State Representatives' Facebook pages are shown on NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban Branch’s Facebook page.

To find telephone numbers and the email address of your State Representative click on:


If Illinois does not pass HB5665 without Amendment No. 2 and protect its citizens against illegal foreclosures, then Illinois deserves to be known as the most corrupt state in the country and its citizens deserve NEW LEGISLATORS.

Please share with anyone you know that is in or facing foreclosure.

David L. Lowery, Jr. – President,
NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban Branch

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VB May 05, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I can take a good guess as to which to large Illinois firms you are mentioning...I used to be a process server and say how attorney wanted to rush through the foreclosure quickly as possible. Thankfully, I switched careers.
Susan Milewski May 07, 2012 at 02:51 AM
Thank you for this excellent blog post. I have reposted this onto my facebook page. Recently, a friend told me how a process server showed up at her door trying to serve her with a foreclosure notice on a property she did not own. When she informed the process server of this fact and that the address on the notice was not hers, she was told in an authoritarian voice that she simply had to accept this document wether she owned the property or not. The process server apparently did not want to bother serving the correct individuals and simply dumped this legal notice onto complete strangers and signed off. The proper parties were not served and their right to due process likely violated. I suggested she contact the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.


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