Mt. Assisi Supporters Light Up the Night in Fight to Save School

Students and alumnae gathered outside the school Monday night, offering prayers, reflections and support for the Lemont school.

Photos by Katie O'Leary.
Photos by Katie O'Leary.
Mt. Assisi supporters bundled up and spoke up for their beloved school, at a candlelight vigil held Feb. 3. 

Current students and alumnae are devastated at the news of the school's impending closure, announced last week. Administrators announced the school, located at 13860 Main St. in Lemont will be shuttered in June, citing increased financial strain, declining enrollment and fewer Sisters available to support the school. Potential incoming freshmen and their families were informed in a letter dated January 30.

Sophomore Katie O'Leary started a Facebook page aimed at raising funds to help keep the school open. 

"I am very proud of everyone that attended it and it was amazing how everyone came together as a family in the freezing cold to show how much we care about saving Mount Assisi," O'Leary said.

Though the situation is stated as dire, supporters remain true to their school. Students, alumnae and other schools are attempting to drum up financial support for the school. An additional website and PayPal—Save Mt. Assisi sprung up. The site is now redirecting visitors to the school's website for direct donations. So far, the efforts combined have raised $1,357.46.

It's been said the school will need between $4–5 million to stay open. But the money is only half the battle—enrollment needs to increase substantially. Staff hoped for 55 girls at this year's placement test; just 44 sat for the exam.

Provincial Superior Sister Therese Ann Quigney said while the support for the school is touching and might raise enough money to keep the doors open another year, it might just delay the inevitable.

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