LHS Welcomes Students to Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta honors excellence in mathematics

Lemont High School welcomed its second class of Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society inductees with a brief ceremony Nov. 14. A total of 47 students were honored for their excellence in mathematics.

Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society whose membership annually includes nearly 90,000 students at more than 1,800 schools across the country. The organization recognizes and encourages students who enjoy and excel in mathematics. Honorees are dedicated to an interest in mathematics and to developing strong scholarship in the subject.

To be eligible for induction into Mu Alpha Theta, students must compile a grade point average of 3.5 or better in their mathematics classes and are required to fulfill membership obligations. Lemont High School’s Mu Alpha Theta honorees have totaled hundreds of volunteer hours working before and after school in the Math Center and with individual students. Members are eligible for national scholarships.

The chapter’s first class of inductees in April 2012 included 67 members, many of whom are still active in the organization and are either juniors or seniors this year.

The chapter president this year is senior Lynn Stanwyck, while seniors Szymon Koszarek, Szymon Krzeptowski-Mucha, Nina Moeller, Sarah Reaves and Katie Washagan and juniors Alex Albrecht and Margaret Rogers all serve as chapter council members.

Included among this year’s inductees are:

Seniors: Rebeca Bagdocimo, Jade Beadle, Paige Buschman, Helena Fugiel, Michael Krueger and Scott Matulik.

Juniors: Anne Marie Alwan, Justin Ankus, Nicole Balinski, Viktorija Bieksaite, Alexander Bronner, Taylor Gabouer, Luke Graczyk, Rachel Hall, Aurimas Jackunas, Sylwia Jazowski, Katherine Klein, Barbara Koszarek, Erika Kubowitsch, Ingrid Lejins, Ryan Luzzo, Clare McClafferty, Morgan Micetich, Andrew Miller, Rachel Miller, Rebecca Peraino, Lauren Pustulka, Zoe Remiasz, Shannon Rhodes, Margaret Rogers, Julia Rowinski, Elaine Saucedo, Adam Strube, Lauren Young, Alexandra Ziogas and Phillip Zukowski.

Sophomores:  Simon Batistich, Savannah Brija, Jacquelyn Desmond, Radomir Fugiel, Connor Koehler, Lauren May, Alex Micco, Tyler Schoell, William Totura, Andrew Trick and Nick Urban.

Editor's note: The information above is from a press release issued by Lemont High School.

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