Election 2013: Henry P. Jakobsze

Henry P. Jakobsze is one of six candidates running for the District 99 Board of Education in the 2013 election.

Henry P. Jakobsze is one of six candidates running for the Community High School District 99 Board of Education in the 2013 election. Jakobsze, 51, is the Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial Services. He attended St. Mary's University of Minnesota, earning a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in marketing. He lives in Downers Grove with his wife, Noreen, and their three sons, Evan, Bryan and Scott.

Name: Henry P. Jakobsze  

Position sought: Community High School District 99 Board of Education

Age: 51

Family (name, relationship and age): Wife, Noreen; sons Evan, 16, Bryan, 14, and Scott, 11.

Education (degree and school): Attended St. Mary's University of Minnesota, earning a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in marketing.

Occupation: Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial Services 

Previous elected offices: None

Applicable experience qualifying you for the position: I am currently in my second term on the Alumni Board of St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. The university shares many of the same goals and objectives as District 99 of preparing young adults to be competitive in the global economy. I previously served on the Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. JDRF is an outstanding organization that raises more funds for diabetes research than any other organization except for the National Institute of Health. In my current occupation, I am a partner in a successful wealth management business that focuses on comprehensive financial planning and investment management for corporate executives and their families. Throughout all of these positions, teamwork and leadership is critical in the successful accomplishment of each organization’s goals. I plan to bring this experience to the successfully implement the District’s Strategic Plan.

What is the primary reason you are running for this office?

I have a vested in interest in the high school district as I have three sons that will attend Downers Grove North. The four years of high school are critical developmental years for our children. I want these years to be a positive experience where students can develop their talents and interests, and most of all develop lifelong friendships. I believe in a well-balanced life between academics, athletics, faith and the arts. I want our students to take advantage of the opportunities offered in our community.

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

Personally, my main focus will be assessing the development of curriculum aimed at meeting the needs of the 21st century. Currently, America has more college students graduating with a psychology degree versus degrees in mathematics or engineering combined. If America wants to maintain or improve it’s position in the world, we need to grow in these areas.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? 

First of all, there are no bad candidates in this race. This is a very competent and passionate board.

I genuinely believe in the public school system and its contributions to the well-being of the community. I vow to be an advocate for the tax payers in the community. In this economy, we need to hold our property tax rates stable. District 99 is one of 22 tax entities on my tax bill. Even relatively small increases from each entity can add up to be significant.

I further represent the students in district. I want the absolute best opportunities to make their high school years memorable.

I also want to ensure that our teachers and administrators work in a safe environment in which they have the resources to fulfill their roles.

How long have you lived in your community and/or been active in local issues? 

My family moved to Downers Grove seven years ago from the Norwood Park neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side. One of the primary reasons for moving to this area was the quality of the schools in the community. We quickly got involved with youth sports. I’ve had the privilege of coaching baseball through DGYB and football at St. Joe’s Catholic School. I am an advocate for youth sports as my sons play football, basketball and baseball.

What's your favorite thing about Community High School District 99? 

I am extremely impressed with the District 99 Strategic Plan that was developed in 2010. The school board is committed to a student-centered approach. The strategic plan focuses on very specific short-and long-term goals to improve the academic performance and achievement of our students. A road map to accomplish these goals is specifically outlined in the plan.

While the strategic plan is a worthwhile accomplishment, it will take additional commitment and teamwork to further implement this plan. This is leadership and teamwork that I will add to the board.

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Ron Burgandy March 06, 2013 at 10:59 PM
Mr. Jakobsze, I recently read that just 37% of all Americans hold a college degree. Having said that would your plan be to stay the course of offering mainly college prep courses or would you be in favor of offering more vocational training to address this education gap?
SyerraSullivan April 18, 2013 at 02:31 PM
Henry Jakobsze, a candidate for the Community High School District 99 Board of Education submitted documents requesting the DGCA's endorsement. Why doesn't he state that fact? He ran for office and he made the decision to ask for their support. He decided too late to pull out of the race so the problems he is complaining about are as a result of his actions. Since he is a Republican maybe it is "Obama's fault?"


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