D113A Outsourcing Transportation Back on Agenda April 23

The board will hold a public hearing before voting on whether to go with an outside bus service for the district's transportation.

The Lemont-Bromberek District 113A Board of Education will hold a public hearing April 23, with a focus on outsourcing the district's transportation.

At a meeting last month, board members heard impassioned pleas from bus drivers, asking the district to keep transportation in-house. The board also reviewed bids for outsourcing the district's bus services, with comparisons between current costs, and bids from companies First Student and Westway. Documents show contracting the services with First Student would save the district $310,501 over three years, while the district could see savings of $105,295 with Westway. 

Read more about the bids. 

Bus drivers stressed their main concern was for the children.

"We care what happens to the children in our district," said driver Kathy Kirby. "We are the first adult that our children see in their school experience, and the last adult they see on their way home from school. ... As drivers, we accept the responsibility of making sure they get to and from school safely."

The public hearing will take place at 7 p.m., at Old Quarry Middle School, in the Learning Resource Center. 

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B.S. Buster March 20, 2014 at 10:21 PM
Now Jim, you know the school had more than 1 referendum and what happened with that. The reason for the 'plex is to create income without raising taxes, but by charging fees to people who willingly wish to participate in the sports activity. You remember the part of the park district survey that said 77% of respondents favored renting fields to outsiders (fee based)? Respectfully, Bartholomew Sylvester Buster III
Edward Andrysiak March 25, 2014 at 01:36 PM
I would like to put my first comment here in attention getting red...that comment is that I would want to see the detail on HOW these companies will achieve the savings they offer to the District. There are but two scary areas in which savings become obvious. They can replace the current busses with worn out equipment that has already been depreciated both economically and mechanically. Next, they will attack the cost of labor. Most other costs are static/fixed. So, does this proposed savings mean our kids will ride worn out and possibly unsafe busses driven by drivers who are "starting out" at low wages and inexperienced and consequently less safe than our current seasoned team of drivers??? Tell me HOW they will achieve the savings and THEN I will tell you if it is wise to put our kids on their busses. Homework! The DEVIL is always in the detail. In the end, the wrong decision could cost the life of a child. I say, think this over very closely!
Edward Andrysiak March 25, 2014 at 01:49 PM
Jim...I recognize your passion but...the line item on the School Board budget is Transportation and that is the subject of the post. What the Village Board spends is not relevant. Your point relative to the plex has been made over and over...I suggest you give it a break. You are beating a dead horse. Until there is a means to fund the plex nothing will happen. Save your energy for the fight...if and when it comes. Personally, I think you have a loosing hand. Just sayin.


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