District 113A Weighs Taking Extracurriculars Back into District's Hands

The cost of extracurriculars could shift from the booster organization, back into the district's hands.

Lemont-Bromberek District 113A board members Wednesday began initial talks of moving the management of extracurricular activities at Old Quarry back into the district's hands.

The activities would remain pay to play after the shift, and activity offerings and fees are still being determined. 

The board voted in 2010 to cut activities as a cost-saving measure; the Warrior Booster Club covered the costs to keep the programs running. 

The club would now like to pull back and contribute in different ways, Interim Superintendent Pamela Hollich said, which leaves the district to pick find a way to manage and fund the activities. Now cleared from the state's financial watch list and in better financial standing overall, the district can evaluate the option. 

"(The booster club) will still do their fundraising, but would like to support the district in a different way," Hollich said.

Typically, booster organizations cover the expense of uniforms, or sponsoring students to compete at higher levels. 

The board will evaluate the district's program offerings, and how much it will cost students to participate. Early estimates of continuing existing programs would run the district $120,000, Hollich said. One option could see the activities split into fall and winter registration periods, to allow students a chance to participate in select activities.

More information will be provided in the near future, Hollich said. She applauded the booster club's efforts in maintaining the activities.

"It’s truly remarkable the job that they’ve done in the past years, sponsoring it and running it," she said. "The bookkeeping alone—it’s something they should be very proud of."

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Lee Ristow May 23, 2014 at 08:55 AM
Reduce class size and bring back curriculum that was eliminated first.
Robyn Horn May 23, 2014 at 09:13 AM
Many grades have been reduced. My first grader has only 22 kids in her class. Not sure about all grades though


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