Obama's Racial Profiling Act May Become Permanent

Cops could soon be permanently required to declare the race of a driver they've stopped.

Legislation aimed at quelling racial profiling by police is one step closer to becoming permanent law. 

The Illinois House Thursday voted 63-46 in favor of HB4442—legislation that would prolong the Traffic Stop Data Collection Act, which is set to expire in July 2015. The measure requires that police officers record the ethnicity of every driver they curb. 

Originally spearheaded by President Barack Obama during his term as senator, with Rep. Monique Davis of Chicago, the law required the collection of all traffic stop data by Illinois enforcement agencies, over a three-year stretch beginning in 2004. It's since been refreshed several times by legislators. 

Illinois State Police data show that random stops of black motorists have decreased since the law's inception—but black and Hispanic drivers are more likely than white motorists to have their vehicles searched, Associated Press reports.

"I wish this bill was not necessary," state Rep. Will Davis, a Homewood Democrat, said on the chamber floor Thursday. "But unfortunately, in some areas of this state, this does exist."

However, Chicago police officer and state Rep. Eddie Acevedo challenged Davis's viewpoint, saying the color of a driver's skin isn't of note to him before a stop.

"I pull them over because they're a bad guy," he said. "I think we've done that study long enough."

Many cops are against the permanent implementation of the act, noting the time committed to each officer filling out the forms, and possible inaccuracies due to misreading a driver's race. The American Civil Liberties Union touted the extension would be a "great policy victory for the state."

The legislation next heads to the Senate for consideration.

Read more on NBC Chicago.

Larry April 02, 2014 at 11:27 AM
He goes on and on and on about Slavery, as though we were a part of it hundreds of years ago, and I have worked with plenty of different ethnic groups. Jack I was taught what my father told me in life "There is Good and Bad in All Kinds". This guy wants to keep on Arguing about nothing that we or our ancestors have nothing to do with. We can't change what happened in the past !! We can only try to compromise and get along with each other now.
Larry April 02, 2014 at 11:32 AM
I don't know what he expects, we had nothing to do with Slavery! And I was taught by my father that "there is Good and Bad in all kinds" I have worked with all different ethnic groups, of which I have gotten along with better than some Caucasian people, everyone is brought up differently, if you had good role models to follow from, you were raised to respect each other.
Edward Andrysiak April 02, 2014 at 12:02 PM
You have to wonder what causes people to be so different. Mexicans, millions of them, sneak over the line to get into this country. They are poor, uneducated and do not speak the language. THEY WORK and abide by the laws, respect family and everybody else. They don't create a Detroit or south side of Chicago. If your are in a hardware store and six Mexicans come in you assume they are buying tools to earn a living. If six blacks come in with hoodies and hanging pants you assume it is time to hold your wallet! Get it madhee? Whites don't do anything to you...you do it to yourselves. As an aside, you toss out your hard working decent black people as some kind of Uncle Tom...wake up and live for today!
Edward Andrysiak April 02, 2014 at 12:15 PM
Madhee...you are so negative it prompts me to share another story with you...my first employee when I went into business was a black man. He stayed with me for years until he passed recently. He was the best technician in the place! I would have made him my service manager but...he could not read or write! He had five kids...(pay attention to what follows here)...they all received a college education and are doing well in life. He paid forward, never bitched or played the poor me part. Take a lesson from a great man. I think about him often. You will pass from my memory as soon as I shut this puter down. Wake up!
jack hess April 02, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Your right Larry. No more wasting time on this close minded person. I witness how Muslims brutalize their women after i spend 6 six years in the middle east. Actually there is documented film 2014 made by Muslims women, on Human right Violation by Muslim men against Women and young little girls. Rapes, murder, genital mutilation, Muslims men taking 9 years old for a wife.


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