Lemont Moving Ahead with Ash Tree Removal

Lemont will use Homer Tree Services for its removal of infested ash trees.

Lemont officials Monday approved forgoing the bidding process for its ash tree removal, in favor of securing a best-case bid from Homer Tree Service.

Public Works Director Ralph Pukula will meet with the company this week to discuss options and processes for removal of the trees infested by the emerald ash borer.

Roughly 200–250 trees along parkways in Glenys and McCarthy Point subdivisions will be among the first to go.

Pukula will update the village website as more information is formalized, and Mayor Brian Reaves insisted that residents hear updates from personnel, suggesting community service officers notify homeowners.

"Personal touch is needed on this one," Reaves said. 

Many Lemont residents have been devastated to learn long-standing trees near their homes will be torn down, with little hope of replanting in the near future. Officials have earmarked $50,000 for tree removal this year, and $10,000 for replacement; the efforts in the first subdivisions alone are expected to cost $54,936.

"Homeowners, work with us," Reaves said. "We are working on the problem, trying to do the most aggressive job possible, in the most cost-effective way to get the problem eradicated.

"And then we can work on replanting."

B.S. Buster June 24, 2014 at 07:29 AM
Cut it down, haul it away and grind the stump. I'll take care of mine from there. Git-R-Done! respectfully, Bartholomew Sylvester Buster III
Edward Andrysiak June 29, 2014 at 05:58 PM
Someone said tree replacement would cost the village a million bucks overall. Taxpayers need to remember that the trees the developer put in on your subdivision parkways were not free Village trees to you. The cost of those trees was built into your lot/home purchase. So, you paid for them. Your taxes will pay for the replacements as well. Rather than spend the million and maybe raise taxes I would rather see the ordinance changed so that trees are no longer required in parkways. Remove these and grass over the spot. If a homeowner wants a tree in their front yard or parkway, that can plant one but no longer should it be a requirement. Trees block view...roots break sidewalks...roots get into utilities which are in the parkways...trees shed sap on parked cars...trees shed leaves into the sewer system which costs taxpayers to vacuum out. In short, trees in parkways make no practical sense. We should not spend money replacing them! Tell your Village Board people that.


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