Lemont Moves From 13th to 3rd Congressional District Under New Map

New U.S. House boundaries will switch village to new district that includes Palos Park, Orland Park, Home Glen, Romeoville, Lockport.

New congressional district boundaries signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn on Friday will move most of Lemont from the 13th Congressional District of Illinois into the 3rd Congressional District – that is if Republicans don't get their way after a challenge.

The 13th District vanished from the Southland all together and moved downstate, to include Champaign and Bloomington, stretching southwest to St. Louis.

The move would pit longtime U. S. Rep Judy Biggert (R-13th) against U.S. Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-3rd) in the 2012 election, which is when the new representation will take effect.

The 3rd District picked up more than just Lemont. It now covers Palos Park, Orland Park, Orland Hills, Homer Glen, Romeoville, Lockport and Crest Hill.

New congressional maps are drawn every 10 years following updated U.S. census data, but Republicans were not pleased with the map Quinn approved.

Republican members of the Illinois congressional delegation Monday issued a statement after Quinn signed into law the Democratic proposal to redraw boundaries.

“We are disappointed that Gov. Quinn chose to sign into law this flawed map, thereby proving that his actions do not match his rhetoric,” Republican lawmakers said in the statement.

"Gov. Quinn said that the way in which district lines are drawn contributes to the success of our democracy. Yet the map he approved seeks to reverse the results of a democratic election. Gov. Quinn advocated for a fair and open process. Instead, he has guaranteed an unfair and closed one.”

Republicans also said that they will challenge the new map in court and “do not believe it will stand.”

“I have carefully reviewed the congressional redistricting map. This map is fair, maintains competitiveness within congressional districts, and protects the voting rights of minority communities," Quinn said according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lemont officials were not immediately available for comment.

RLuds June 26, 2011 at 09:31 PM
That's too bad. Judy Biggert was the only political figure to march in our keepataw parade. Will Lipinski provide sponges like Judy did? How come Christine Rodogno never shows up at the Lemont Keepataw parade. She represents Lemont in Springfield?
Amanda Luevano June 27, 2011 at 04:42 AM
Just want to clarify that these changes won't go into effect until after the 2012 election. Judy Biggert will remain the representative for the area until the 2012 election. She could seek election in the 3rd District, if the map sticks.


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