In Search of Salt: Lemont's Supply Dwindling During Relentless Winter

Lemont's salt supply has taken a serious hit this winter.

Enough with the snow already. 

It has taken roughly two- and a half-years' worth of salt—about 200–400 tons for each snow "event"—to get Lemont through the first 38 days of winter (and 19 snowfalls). With about 50 days to go until the official start of spring, the supply is dwindling at 400 tons, said Mayor Brian Reaves during a Jan. 27 board meeting. 

"No one will sell us more salt," Reaves said. "I don't feel we will ever run out of salt, but it's getting close."

Reaves is currently working to find extra salt to replenish Lemont's supply. 

"It's not just us," Reaves said. "Everyone in the area is beginning to feel the pinch."

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Edward Andrysiak January 28, 2014 at 03:41 PM
In Wisconsin they mix san and salt, one to one, for their roads. Here in Lemont we have access to fly ash from the power plant in Romeoville and, I will bet we could get it for free as they dump it anyway. It is a residue of the burnt coal. It is ash. It is non toxic and tends to "float" better than sand so it will not clog sewers which is one our concerns here in Lemont...I think. In and emergency however...it may be an option.
B.S. Buster January 29, 2014 at 09:30 AM
Don't know about the salt, but I will say the Lemont Public Works has done an outstanding job clearing the streets and keeping the village moving through extremely difficult circumstances. Keep up the great work!
Edward Andrysiak January 29, 2014 at 12:48 PM
Buster...I agree. they have done a great job. when I was a kid driving up sate street, which was cobblestone, was impossible when we had a inch of snow or more. I hear an occasional complaint from residents and tell them to call the villae where they will find prompt attention to resolve anuy problems.


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