Durkin on Quinn Budget Address: 'Harsh Reality of Failure' on Pensions

The assistant Illinois House Republican leader and 82nd District rep said pension reform should be Springfield's number one priority.

Assistant Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-82) issued a statement on Wednesday in response to Gov. Pat Quinn's 2014 budget address in which the governor chastized the legislature for failing to reform the state's underfunded public pensions system

In a bit of bipartisan agreement, Durkin's statement echoed Quinn in pushing the need for pension reform:

“The Governor’s Address is a harsh reality of failure to pass meaningful reforms in Illinois. A solution to the pension problem should have been wrapped up, sealed and sent to the governor last month.

"We should have passed a comprehensive pension reform bill passed before today. There is nothing more important to the state’s fiscal integrity than meaningful pension reform, however the [D]emocratic leadership running the legislature thinks otherwise.

"Until we pass meaning pension reform for the state of Illinois we will undoubtedly be forced to cut services to Illinoisans, issue pink slips to state employees and force state vendors to lay off their employees or even worse – close down their businesses.”

Pension Truth March 08, 2013 at 02:53 PM
Politicians use a lot of adjectives to describe the pension problem. Listen to a few truths before you call your representative. 1. I am a municipal employee. I made a career choice many years ago and job security and pension played into that decision. 2. I pay for my pension, just like you pay for yours, whether it be social security, 401K or a private pension. 3. While I pay into social security I will not receive it. 4. I will not receive healthcare benefits. I will have to purchase it. 5. The politians raided (stole) our reserves and now denounce our shortfall. 6. Many politicians (municipal employers) disobeyed the law and did not pay their legal share of the pension payment. (If your employer refused to pay their share of your social security payment he would go to jail) 7. The politicians who want to re-nege on my pension agreement will keep their full -time pensions for part-time work. OK... change is needed but fix it all... Don't just steal my life savings because others messed up. (I paid my pension dues from every check... it's MY money) Make the changes for new hires, who can make career choices based on current working conditions. Don't change the rules for people who are at the door of retirement. It's the same as stealing or lying and it's wrong. The fact that the economy is bad doesn't make it OK. Be honest and make your politicians be honest.
Pension Truth March 08, 2013 at 03:22 PM
I missed another important truth: Politicians give outgoing executives HUGE raises to entice retirement. Not for the good of the organization but so they can appoint their own pals to the position. It doesn't cost the city a dime, but the added, unearned pension benefits are paid out by the fund.


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