Neighbor Calls 911 Six Times to Complain About Hospital's Noisy Ambulance Sirens: OMGPD

A total Jag off, driving circles at the mall and an exploding bonfire this week in the annals of Chicagoland crime-n-shame.

Richard Kweiser says his neighbors are too noisy.
Richard Kweiser says his neighbors are too noisy.

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Emergency 911: When the people across the street are making too much noise, what do you do? You call the cops. Even if they are paramedics with their crazy sirens and ambulances at all hours of the day and night. Richard Kweiser, 55, called 911 six times to complain about the noisy ambulances at the hospital across the street from his house, then walked over to confront the noisy life savers in person. Police responded and took care of the problem quickly, arresting Kweiser.
» Joliet Patch

Jag Off: After being told how costly the repairs to his Jaguar would be, the owner of the Jaguar popped off over the $1,400 bill. After he agreed to pay, he asked for even more repairs to his car but was told "no" due to his bad attitude, whereupon he told the service manager he would "f--- him up." If you own a Jaguar, you've got to expect to pay through the nose to get it fixed, right? Then again, if you own a Jaguar, maybe by nature you're a total jag.
» Elmhurst Patch

Cheech and Daughter: Driving in circles around the mall with your sleeping 4-year-old daughter in the back seat? Aw, that's cute. Driving in circles around the mall with your sleeping 4-year-old daughter in the back seat while you and your buddy get baked in the front seat? Not so cute.
» Orland Park Patch

Dollar Store 911: Who do you turn to for help after the explosives in your bonfire explode, showering you with shrapnel? If you can't dial 911, your next best bet is to walk to the Dollar Store. That's what two homeless men did in Montgomery after the nail-gun charges they tossed into their bonfire blew up in their faces. The nice folks at the Dollar Store called for help.
» Montgomery Patch

The Big Oopsie: Three figures dressed in Mardi Gras masks and hoodies approached a teen on an Elmhurst street corner, scaring him so badly he called the cops. The masked menacers were quickly found — and found out, too, for they were friends of the victim pulling a prank. Alas, the joke was on the pranksters because cops found pot and paraphernalia on the men.
» Elmhurst Patch

Greasy Business: Businesses that render grease discarded by restaurants are losing a ton of cash to thieves who suck the stuff out of grease traps in the dead of night and then truck it out of state where the illicit goo is turned into fuel. Such a theft happened recently in Downers Grove, where $600 of grease was stolen.
» Downers Grove Patch

Old Enough to Know Better: A 50-year-old Arizona trucker gambling at Harrah's Casino in Joliet took a chance he'd find love when he met a man who offered to introduce him to some girls. They walked to a nearby CVS where three men jumped the trucker. The setup man and his accomplices made off with $200 and credit cards.
» Joliet Patch

Carpet Ride: Glenview homeowners who bought 120 yards of carpet padding for $240 eagerly awaited a contractor to transform their room with new carpet. He disappeared with the padding.
» Glenview Patch

What Do You Pay Your Nanny? A nanny returned to the Elmhurst household whose employ she'd recently left to collect her final paycheck, only to discover she wasn't getting the money she expected. She and the daddy of the house argued, and the man put his hands on the woman and told her to leave the house. Police were summoned. And nothing about this reminds us of Fran Drescher. Or Mary Poppins. Or Rosie the Robot.
» Elmhurst Patch


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aj12849 May 21, 2014 at 08:40 AM
I add my criticism of the trashy style of journalism these few posts follow. Clean it up. An apology to your readers is in order. I will watch closely for same and make final judgment about continuing to read Patch based on your actions.
stan May 21, 2014 at 11:05 AM
Shannon take this of
Greg J May 21, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Chicago Magazine recently published a 2-part series regarding the widespread cover-up of growing violent black on white crime in Lakeview and the rest of Chicago, a cover-up emanating from the Mayor and all his flunkies. Yet the insipid editors of Lakeview Patch spend their time writing about nonsense when the lives and property of Lakeview residents are increasingly endangered by roving gangs of black thugs intent on turning Lakeview into another Englewood. Lakeview Patch is not relevant to the real world and not worth reading.
stan May 22, 2014 at 01:00 PM
Greg your an idiot the condos go from 2.5 million to 3.5 eangle wood homes go from 10 thousand dollars.


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