The Veterans Administration/hospitol

The news Is full of shameful failures to treat our veterans. What is further shameful is the inability of our elected officials to solve simple problems. Some 40 vets died because they could not get to see a doctor in time. The VA lied and made up fake performance lists to look good and get a bonus! Not all vets get to use a VA facility...I'm a vet but because I make a few bucks I am disqualified...means tested. I don't mind, makes room for someone in greater need. Obviously the VA facilities are over crowded. Instead of lying about waiting lists and how fast they give service, they could have simply issued a voucher to vets who they could not serve and had an immediate need, so they could go see their local doctor or hospital and get help...paid for by the government off of the voucher. How hard would that be to implement. Instead the dumb bastards we elected let vets die rather than come up with a solution.


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