Rouge Amended

I was amused and gratified to have someone voluntarily offer themselves as a real life example of someone who is not just ignorant of how our form of government is supposed to operate, but is aggressively proud of their ignorance. So thanks to Mr. BS for his example of such thorough ignorance. His uncalled for insulting and unfounded accusations about the integrity of those in Lemont who merely want input into a decision that will ultimately cost over $34 million says more about him than it does those who dare ask that their voices be heard  in this matter. Please read his comment and then take a shower. A second comment made by a real person, Jared Butler, was somewhat more rational than Mr. BS's. Mr. Butler's complaint was that I misled you readers by suggesting that the 1,700 signers of a petition regarding the method of funding for the project was about approval of the project itself. Well, as Mr. Butler notes in his comments, if the village can't get the funding approved, then the project is effectively cancelled. This was explained to the signers and since the gang of 6 and the mayor have steadfastly refused to allow the Lemont taxpayers to have a say in whether this project goes forward or not, the demanded referendum on funding was in fact a de facto vote on the project itself. I, and many, many others stand by the demand that the people of Lemont should decide for themselves if this project should go forward.
P.S. My profound apologies to Sara Palin for not buying her book "Going Rogue". If I had I would have not suggested in my original title that the gang of 6 and the mayor are red-faced from using "rouge". I, of course, should have typed "rogue". Any red faces on the gang of 6 and the mayor should be from the shame of disregarding the basic rights of those that they collectively govern: namely that they are supposed to govern us with our "consent", not rule us over our "dissent".

B.S. Buster January 19, 2014 at 12:08 PM
The gratitude is mine sir! Good luck in election! I'll be here on the entertainment page at least until then
B.S. Buster January 19, 2014 at 04:29 PM
Any time! Things been kind of boring around here recently!


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