Letter to the Editor: It's School Board Members Day in Illinois

Lemont school superintendents thank board of education members in District 210, District 113A.


This week, schools across the country are celebrating American Education Week. While the work done by students and teachers in the classroom is the primary focus of the week, there are unsung heroes serving every school district who deserve to be honored as well.

Thursday, Nov. 15, has been designated as "School Board Members Day" in the State of Illinois, and Lemont High School District 210 joins Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A in thanking these community volunteers for their commitment and contribution to the success of our schools.

School board members give a great deal of their time to serve their communities and to help make public education the best it can be for every child in their districts. Their practices and oversight help to guide their districts through both good times and difficult challenges.

Some of the decisions they make concern complex educational and social issues that affect the entire community. Additionally, with nearly every decision they make, they must consider the financial ramifications, especially during difficult economic times. This handful of individuals goes to great lengths to make sure that all facets are considered before a decision is made.

School board members are advocates for their communities, and sometimes
the decisions they must make are unpopular. It is at these times more than any that the job of a school board member seems thankless. However, it is important for the community to recognize the commitment and sacrifice that these individuals make, not only on behalf of the students in their districts, but also on behalf of their communities at large.

If someone were to ask what your plans are for the next four years, the only things that are “set in stone” are your relationships to your family – mother or father, husband or wife, brother or sister, or son or daughter. You could change houses, change jobs, or change cars. However, when elected, school board members commit to at least four years of service. They commit to their communities as if they are family.

It is with great appreciation that we recognize the school board members that serve the Lemont community, including District 210 board members Beverly Marzec, Pam Driscoll, Mike Shackel, Mike Kardas, Mark McMahon, George Rimbo and Mary Tally; and District 113A board members Dave Molitor, Kevin Doherty, Cindy Kelly, Mike Aurelio, Al Malley, Karen Siston and Lisa Wright.

The students, faculty and communities you serve appreciate the hard work you do on their behalf.

- Dr. Mary Ticknor, Superintendent, Lemont High School District 210;
Dr. Susan Birkenmaier, Superintendent, Lemont-Bromberek Combined School
District 113A


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