GMO LABELING DEBATE is coming to Illinois, we need help, GET INVOLVED!

GMO's may be the reason your always sick
GMO's may be the reason your always sick


California Right to Know bill was defeated by big business. Illinois will probably suffer the same fate unless we speak up. Contact your local state rep and ask if they have co-sponsored Senate Bill 1666. In  Lemont your rep is Christine Radogno, she has not Co-sponsored bill 1666. Only 12 of 59 state senate members have co-sponsored the bill. 

This spring, Illinois legislators will face the issue of whether the state should require labels on foods that have been "entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering."

The lawmakers will have a difficult time separating the wheat from the chaff on an issue that is generating increased interest nationally, much to the chagrin of Monsanto and a handful of companies that control the hybrid seed market.

There is no middle ground in the debate between the "naturalists" and the big seed companies over the touted evils and virtues, respectively, of genetically modified organisms.

State Sen. David Koehler, D-Peoria, has introduced SB1666, the Illinois GMO labeling bill. An inactive United Church of Christ minister and former owner of an organic bakery, Koehler is trying to frame the issue around the consumers' right to know rather than to the contentious science that swirls around the topic.

GMOs in Europe has caused the European Union to ban GMO foods. Today it is virtually impossible to find GMOs in European supermarkets.

In the past two years, voters narrowly defeated labeling referendums in California and Washington state, yet lawmakers in Connecticut and Maine passed bills in June that require labeling on all foods made from GMOs. Twenty states, like Illinois, are considering the issue.

Should we encourage our state reps to vote for GMO labeling on products? 

Do you want to know what your eating? 

Please support this petition, the link is below. We have two separate petitions. One petition will not be enough to make a dent, two is hardly scratching the surface. But it is a start. Cheers 


If you have nothing nice or supportive to say your comments will be deleted. 

The organization in support is "California Right to Know" and the organization against is "NO Prop. 37, Stop the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme". As of November 6, 2012, the total donations to each side were $9.2 million in support, and $46 million in opposition. The top 10 donors to each side are as follows:



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