Bundy...Cowboy or racist

Most were cheering before his comments about blacks amongst other things. So, he now seems to have been branded as a radical...turn on your TV if you doubt that. But, lets step back a bit and try to be objective about this 67 year old cattle rancher who simply cannot accept the concept of the government owning 89% of his States' land. He fights that hoping someone will see it as he does and let States own and control land within their boundaries. None of the courts agreed...it was/is a lost cause but he fights on for what he believes in. Many agree with him on the land ownership issue! His total frustration with government and it's policies came out when he went on about black people being better off as slaves. In cowboy speak what we was reflecting on was the fact that many blacks are and have been raised on the dole...government welfare and therefore are controlled and indebted to their master, the government. Slaves to the system as are many who choose to stay on the dole. And, that is not limited to blacks exclusively. Bundy was striking out at the government and its failure to educate people for and create meaningful jobs. I doubt that there are but a few who would disagree with him on that issue as well. The media is great at twisting stories and making news. If they tried to understand where this frustrated cowboy is coming from...they might be a little more tolerant. I am. I say he is a hard working all American Cowboy.                      

Bob R April 27, 2014 at 10:45 AM
So now your the resident Lemont expert on cowboy's. Betcha you been watching a lot of John Wayne movies pilgrim. Actually he's a racist pure and simple that doesn't want to pay his taxes. But to be fair to old Blazing Saddles there most of the rest of us don't want to pay taxes either. We do because we are Americans and think that paying for National Defense is better that brandishing an AR-15 on TV so Sean Hannity will out your mug on .


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