Best of Craigslist: Seven-Foot Elf, Obama-Signed M&Ms

Check out some of the most interesting posts we were able to find for Darien, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills and and Lemont.

The following items and postings were found on Craigslist for the Darien, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills and Lemont area. Note: Patch has no control over the status of these posts on Craigslist and how long they remain available.

Seven-Foot Moving Christmas Elf

Your mileage may vary on whether this enormous elf is full of festive cheer or just uncannily creepy. It is motorized—though what exactly it does when plugged in is left unclear. The Downers Grove seller, who is asking $5,500, says it "will bring holiday spirit to your house, office or business." No word on if it will also attempt to eat you in your sleep.

Obama-Signed M&Ms

A Darien seller is asking $40 for this box of gift M&Ms signed by the 44th President of the United States. Well, actually, by his autopen. (Hey, Barack is busy visiting Argonne and stuff; he can't sign every candy box.) "Perfect for an Obama or presidential collector!" the listing says. Or for a chocophile who really does think stuff tastes better when it's more expensive.

Giant All-in-One Rat Farm

Yes, rats included. A Hinsdale seller is asking $400 for "everything you need to have a huge rat colony," which appears to include eight Tupperware containers on a metal rack, plus bottles, food and bedding. I do wonder just why someone would want to raise so many rats...

Giant Rat-Eating Ball Python

Oh. (Darien, $25.)

$900 Trailer Home

How often can you permanently own a bedroom, bathroom, shower, kitchenette and pull-out sofa for about the same as a month's rent in an apartment? Well, now you can with this trailer home that someone in Lemont is really desperate to part with for $900 (or best offer!). Sure, they have no title, and the thing is just eight feet wide—not exactly a mansion. But still, homeownership by any other name, right?

Sorry About Your Cat

A good-hearted Downers Grove person took to Craigslist to express her sorrow at seeing the body of a cat on Main Street between 55th and 59th Streets, and to give a family closure if they saw the post. The body was removed by the Village before he/she could take a photo. "I'm so sorry for your loss... RIP, sweet kitty," the animal-lover wrote. And flights of angels meow thee to thy rest.


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