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1 very UNhappy Girl
On September 17, 2013 I purchased a sweater from a store in Lemont. The store did not have my size in stock so fortunately for me (I thought) one of the owners happened to be at their other store location and offered to bring it to me the next day. I arrived back at the store the following day, picked up my sweater and left. To my disappointment when I got home the sweater had a whole in the arm, so I immediately returned it the following day. After about 10 minutes of arguing with the store owners listening to them tell me that this was not a possibility and that I must have done it....! They finally took their merchandise back. Getting my money back was out of the question, but they did take the price tag off of the sweater,  staple it onto another receipt and give that back to me. Fast-forward eight months later-  I brought that piece of paper in and they laughed at me and told me that what I had was a store credit and it had expired after six months. I was out $66.96. I have casually had this receipt on my dresser for the last eight months looking at it knowing that it was a gift card because it said GIFT CARD in three different places on the receipt . The stores policy is : store credits are valid for six months from date of purchase and gift cards are valid one year from date of purchase. I repeatedly told the store owners -who sat smugly behind the register - that this clearly stated that it was a gift card. The response I received was having the owner whip out one of her gift cards, show it to me and explain to me that if it was a gift card....this is what it would look like! She actually told me that is just the way their computer prints out store credits. I responded to her that she is the owner and she should absolutely, positively ,without a doubt, change the wording on their store credits. She responded I was the first person in six years to ever have an issue. I cannot believe that that is a possibility... chuckle -chuckle. I just think that people don't like to take the time out to complain about certain things. Fellow shoppers please take the time.... If we continue to do nothing there will be no end result. I personally know of at least 15 to 20 people who have had a terrible time with the owners of this store!  We are making it way too easy for these people to steal our hard earned money! 


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