Township Trustee Starts New Group for 'Ladies of Lemont'

Kathy Henrikson hopes to bring together women for special events and networking at the Lemont Township Community Center.

Trustee Kathy Henrikson is hoping to bring women together in 2012 with the help of a new networking group.

"Ladies of Lemont," which is open to women of all ages, was founded late last year to give members an opportunity to socialize, learn and improve their daily lives, Henrikson said.

So far, the group has held two meetings to discuss their goals and possible events for the upcoming months.

"I know so many women with so many different talents, so the idea was to bring them together each month to help each other and the Lemont community," she said.

Ladies of Lemont will not be an organized non-profit, but Henrikson hopes the group can still make a positive impact on the community.

"Lemont has plenty of organizations that do great things, so my motivation was a little different," she said. "I wanted this group to provide opportunities for women to network and hold interesting events."

In the coming months, the group will hold meetings coverings such topics as stress management and goal-setting.

Henrikson said part of her motivation in starting the group was to utilize the new , 16300 Alba St.

"It's such an amazing space, so it's been our goal to have as many community events there as possible," she said. "My hope with the Ladies of Lemont group is that more people will be exposed to the building, and that it will open up the door for many more events in the future."

The will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Women are invited to bring magazines, photos and construction materials to create "Vision Boards for 2012" 

For more information on Ladies of Lemont, call Kathy Henrikson at 630-863-3411 or email kathyhen58@att.net.


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