What If Your Dog Could Talk? Device Could Translate Canine Thoughts

A company is in the early stages of a device aimed at translating dogs' thoughts into words.

Screenshot, NoMoreWoof.com
Screenshot, NoMoreWoof.com
The dog looks at you, head cocked, ears perked, after strutting into a room with a piece of ... something ... hanging from its mouth, and you can't help but wonder, "What in the world is this thing thinking?"

You might know soon. A Scandinavian company is closer to solving the mystery of canine thought process, with a device aimed at translating thoughts into words. 

the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery has developed "No More Woof" a headset your beloved Fido can wear that will translate his brainwaves into human language that you can understand. 

The device, currently in research stages, was recently featured on Good Morning America. . The headset uses sensors to tune into canine brainwave patterns, then translate them into English through an attached speaker. At this point, the device is able to detect thought patterns associated with “Who are you?”, “I’m hungry” and “I’m tired.”

The company began fundraising for further testing on IndieGoGo in December. Already, they've exceeded their original goal of $10,000. Those who donate $65 or more even get their very own No More Woof, scheduled to debut this April.

In a statement on their website, the group stressed to consumers that the product is still undergoing testing.

"As thrilled as we are by our results so far, we'd like to stress that this is a work in progress and not a finished product. Yet. 


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