Tireless Lemont Humanitarian Honored as Cook County 'Unsung Heroine'

Terri O'Neill-Borders might be shy about all the attention, but the Village wanted her to know how much she means to them.

She organizes holiday meals for those in need, comforts residents in times of loss as police chaplain, makes teens' prom dreams come true. She leads the Hope and Friendship Foundation, and stirs residents to give back to the community—just to name a few of her missions. 

Terri O'Neill-Borders is bashful about recognition for her devotion to Lemont. She sets about her tasks whole-heartedly and quietly. But Mayor Brian Reaves wanted everyone to know how much she means to the people of Lemont, with a nomination for the Peggy A. Montest Unsung Heroine Award of Cook County. 

The award is bestowed each year to 18 women, one from each district of Cook County and one county-wide, whose contributions to their communities, families and professional endeavors have been so vital, but seldom recognized. 

"I'm flattered he took the time and felt the work I have done in town to help others deemed worthy of this recognition," O'Neill-Borders said of the mayor's nomination. 

O'Neill-Borders was recognized with the other recipients during a March 27 ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center. Flanked by Lemont police officers and Chief Kevin Shaughnessy, she received an award and a bouquet as appreciation for her dedication. 

Still, she said, she has more work to do. 

"What I really strive for is to find more resources, jobs, relief, counseling," she said, "to meet so many of the needs that are within my arm's reach."

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Don Mueggenborg April 01, 2014 at 10:14 AM
Glad to see her get the honor. She does a great job.


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