'Seductive' Cabbie Calendar Raises Money for Lawsuit

The cabbies pose against the hoods of their cars, mostly fully dressed, to raise money for a lawsuit against the City of Chicago.

Move over sexy firemen, Chicago cabbies have a centerfold-style calendar of their own.

Replete with ironic cheesecake shots of drivers posing against the hoods of their cars, the 2014 Chicago Cabbie Calendar will raise money for a drivers' legal fund in a lawsuit against the city, according to the calendar's website.

A peek at the "seductive" shots on the website shows pictures that range from a woman in an evening dress to a bearded fellow in a Haiwaiian shirt and speedo. Another driver, in full winter gear including parka and scarf, kneels on his hood with his head thrown back.

The calendar costs $15 and can be bought on the website. Money goes to fund a class-action lawsuit against the city in which the drivers argue that they are city employees and thus entitled to minimum wage.


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