Mother Turns to Charitable Efforts After Losing Husband, Daughter

Patch readers told us who the "Everyday Inspirations" in their communities are, and we're sharing their stories and the work they've done locally.

Rachael Reyna, right. Credit: Megan Plahm
Rachael Reyna, right. Credit: Megan Plahm
Everyday Inspirations is a series that features people in Patch communities who inspire others through their work, or people who have faced extraordinary situations and grown from them. They have been featured by other people in the community that have been inspired by the nominees.

Name: Rachael Reyna
Town: Lemont, IL
Nominated by: Megan Plahm

Why is this person an "Everyday Inspiration?" 

Rachael Reyna is an amazing women who has no idea how much she inspires me as I begin my day and try to motivate myself and my four children to venture off to school and work, which is more times often than not a whirlwind. Rachael has endured more than any other mother, wife, daughter or sister ever should in this lifetime.

You see, within the course of about three months, Rachael lost both her 3-year-old daughter and husband due to a tragic illness, sudden unexplained death from epilepsy and carcinoid cancer. She is left behind with two beautiful and kind children, which no doubt by the grace of God keeps her going each day. I think of how my days may seem overwhelming, chaotic or frustrating, and this is when I think of Rachael with such fondness and inspiration.  

Has the nominee's life been changed in an extraordinary way? 

Rachael's amazing drive and devotion to help others who could potentially walk in her shoes is a what makes her such an incredible woman. Rachael's motivation to spare others of such horrible tragedy has her planning the second annual "FORE" Ever Loved Golf Outing, to support two amazing foundations- the Danny Did Foundation for Epilepsy and the Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network.

How does this person work to make others' lives better?

Because of her fundraising efforts and commitment to families suffering similar illnesses, Rachael has been able to provide numerous monitoring alarms for children with epilepsy, preventing the same seizure that took her beloved 3-year-old daughter.  
Sue Zambo July 08, 2014 at 05:41 PM
Amazing woman and mother. Great story!


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