Small Business Owner? Claim Your Listing on Patch

Claiming your business helps spread the word about your great product.

If you own a business in Lisle, check out our Directory tab, and claim your listing for free. It's fast and you won't regret it.

In the Directory tab, users can find descriptions, hours, accepted payment methods and much more about local venues. Users can add events that are happening in your business as well as rate it on a five-star system.

If you claim your listing, you can add information about sales, specials and more.

To learn how to claim your listing, watch the video above.

Here are some other benefits to claiming your listing with Patch:

  • You can check how many people have rated, reviewed or followed your listing. You can email your customers to get more reviews, and even link the listing to your Facebook or Twitter account. How cool is that?
  • You can edit your listing. Maybe you changed your hours and you want to let your customers know. Maybe you'll be closed on a certain day. You can even add extra info that may not be in the basic listing.
  • You can add more photos or post a video as often as you want. You can even add a PDF of your menu, sale ad or pamphlet.
  • If you have job openings, you can add them to our classified section.

If you've already claimed your listing with Patch, thank you! We appreciate your support. If you have business owner friends in the area, encourage them to do the same.


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