Rock Blasting to Begin Soon at Lemont Water Reclamation Plant

Blasts heard near the Lemont Water Reclamation Plant are part of a project to improve storm water management.

Lemont residents, don't be alarmed if you hear—or feel—blasts in Lemont. 

Rock blasting operations will be starting soon at the Lemont Water Reclamation Plant at 13 Stephen St. Starting in December 2013 you may hear warning sirens and blasting reverberation near the plant.

The blasting sets in motion work on a $30 million Wet Weather Treatment Facility project to improve storm water management. The Lemont project is part of ongoing upgrades to the region's waste-water treatment facilities infrastructure and is expected to lead to 2,000 good-paying construction jobs and create 8,000 jobs in area communities.

Read more from the contractor. 
Allison Fore December 03, 2013 at 03:17 PM
During storm events, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District's Lemont Water Reclamation Plant receives high flows from the combined sewer system which can exceed the plant’s treatment capacity of 4.5 million gallons of day. This project includes the construction of a new Wet Weather Treatment Facility, which will provide treatment for excess wet weather flows. This facility will work in conjunction with a new Wet Weather Reservoir that will capture and store excess flows, until such time as the storm passes and the plant can treat the stored wastewater. Construction on the reservoir began in October of this year, and the new facilities are scheduled to be completed by mid-2015.


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