Change Your Life with a Personal Growth Group: CHANGES THAT HEAL

RSVP by July 9th.  Next meetings: July 10 & Aug 14.
RSVP by July 9th. Next meetings: July 10 & Aug 14.

This 14 session Personal Growth Group uses national best selling-book & DVDs by clinical psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud to help individuals grow & overcome obstacles, improve life-satisfaction and be more authentic in their life-choices.

Please consider joining this fun small group for 14 sessions as they learn:

Ø How to connect more deeply with others to form truly intimate relationships
Ø How to develop healthy independence from those you’re connected to
Ø Understand the good and bad in yourself and others
Ø Grow emotionally and spiritually
Ø Take charge of your life as an adult

Is this growth group for you? Can you answer yes to the following questions?

o Are you actively involved and committed to your own personal growth?
o Do you respect Christian values?
o Can you commit to attending every meeting, unless absolutely necessary to miss? Summer schedule: 7:00 pm, Second Thursday evenings of each month (July 10, and August 14, 2014); in September & October–Weekly every Thursday night
o Can you commit to buying the book, reading appropriate chapters prior to each meeting?

If so, please contact Diane by July 9th, at 815 543-8400 or email her at ds41207-Become@usa.net.

Diane is a Communications professional and has used Dr. Cloud’s materials since 1989. Our appreciation to our host church, Eastside Church of Christ, 314 Manhattan Road, Joliet 60433. It is at the intersection of Richards St& Manhattan Road. (http://bit.ly/EastsideChurch)

More information about the book, Changes That Heal, is available at: http://store.cloudtownsend.com/changes-that-heal-book.html To learn more about Dr. Henry Cloud, please visit : http://www.cloudtownsend.com/about/ or http://www.drcloud.com


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