Basketball League Plays Like The Pro's!

Real basketball league play's like the NBA!
Real basketball league play's like the NBA!  Download PDF 

The Premiere Hoops Fantasy Basketball League is a program designed to give players a chance to live out their hoop dreams and develop positive life skills through the game of basketball! The main objective for this program is to teach kids how to reach for their goals and dreams through a process of hard work, discipline, persistence, and teamwork!


Our fantasy basketball league will provide kids a chance to play basketball just like the Pros! This program will be organized and structured to resemble parts of the NBA! Our basketball league will consist of a pre-season training camp for all players. The training camp will be followed by a draft! Volunteer coaches will be required to attend our coach’s clinic. Throughout the season players will have access to personal training by experienced coaches! Our league will feature real teams playing real games for real championship rings! Each team will wear replica NBA uniforms.


Our basketball league will be competitive and fun! We will feature better competition than the local YMCA or Park District and will be an affordable alternative to expensive AAU basketball. Kids in our program will improve their skills in shooting, dribbling, passing, and rebounding! Team offense and defense will be reinforced! Every player will have a chance to play. Our philosophy will be to develop every player so that everyone can contribute to the team’s success. We’ll use basketball as a tool to help kids focus their aspirations and possibly obtain scholarships for college through sports, academics, and hard work! With the help and cooperation of parents, we will help shape and mold these young players into the leaders and decision makers of our future!


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